Amazing Nurse Cat Looks After Other Animals At Veterinary Hospital

In Bydgoszcz, Poland, there is a very special animal hospital home to one of the most caring and loving nurses. His name is Radamenes, he is a black cat who was brought to the shelter to be euthanized, but made miraculous turn around. Today, he spends his time assisting the staff at the shelter.

Radamenes was brought to the hospital with a severe upper respiratory tract infection. He was losing hair in patches, and was given two months to live, if survival was possible. Radamenes was so sick, he was quarantined in an office and nursed primary by Lucy Kuziel-Zawalich, a vet at the hospital.
Radamenes made a full recovery, and now tends to the convalescing animals at the hospital. He lies with them while they heal, and tends to their wounds. He has a particular penchant for tending to animals that are healing from serious injuries or operations.

It’s clear the hospital staff love this cat. They consider him their mascot, and lovingly refer to him as a full-time nurse.

So, black cats must not be bad luck after all!

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