Dad Reaches Out To Public For Awareness And Empathy To Autistic Son

This dad’s post on his autistic son’s experience at school will absolutely melt your heart.
When Bob Cornelius, father of Christopher, finds out that his son had filled out on a school activity that he had no friends, he reached out to Facebook for awareness and empathy to kids with autism. He recalls of the viral photo of a Florida state football player that sat down with an autistic boy at lunch, who was alone.
The after effect of that photo, resulted in the autistic boy gaining a bunch of new friends he other wise wouldn’t have gotten, if it weren’t for that photo. Cornelius reaches out to the public to address about all the other autistic children who didn’t get that privilege. The ones who didn’t make it viral, that are still lonely, and that are still eating lunch alone to this day.

When you read Cornelius’ story through this post below, you’ll tear up and understand the point he’s trying to make. You can check it all out below.






"No One":

For those of you who don't know, my youngest son, Christopher, is on the autistic spectrum. I went to his…

Posted by Bob Cornelius on Monday, September 19, 2016


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