Dad Starts Non-Profit to Innovate Children’s Art Supplies for a Good Cause

Family restaurants, as you likely know, typically hand out crayons and placemats for children to color on. It gives the kids something to do so they don’t get bored. Usually, your host or hostess will seat you and hand your child a brand new pack of crayons. But have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly that means? If they give you new crayons every time, what are they doing with the old ones?
Bryan Ware was an expert in supply chains and wondered the exact same thing. He was shocked to find out that all the crayons that aren’t taken home simply get thrown away. Unlike pens and pencils, once a crayon is used, even a little bit, people are less likely to want to use it. So, Bryan started The Crayon Initiative.


Using his business experience, he set up an organization to counter the 45-75,000 pounds of crayons that end up in American landfills every year. With that goal in mind, The Crayon Initiative gathers crayons from schools and restaurants that are done with them, melt them down, and remold them into brand new crayons!


These crayons are a little bigger than standard crayons. Working with an occupational therapist, they decided to make the crayons larger so that younger kids and kids with special needs would still be able to handle the crayon with ease.


Once the crayons are made, they are sorted by color and boxed up in brand new cardboard packs!


Once they’re all sorted, the crayons are donated, so those children without crayons of their own can still get the quintessential childhood experience!


Well done, Bryan!

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