Driver Saves Mom From Flaming Car, Later Realizes He Forgot Someone

Vincent Hopkins was driving his bus when his night changed. His experience involved a fire, a baby and a lot of courage. 

He was dropping off passengers when he noticed a car pulled over on the road. It had smoke billowing out of it. 

He got off his bus and ran to get the door of the car open. 

Vincent said, “Her interior door wouldn’t open from the inside, so I opened it from the outside for her. There was another lady on the inside of the car. I woke her up. And there was an infant in the back.”

He led the helpless family into his bus and then grabbed the fire extinguisher to put out the flames. 

But they were too much for him, and the fire department arrived just in time. 

Vincent said, “I don’t think I’m a hero. That’s everyday operations. You know, I appreciate it, but it’s everyday operations. It’s part of the job. You know, we’re out here in the streets to serve the public, and we’ve got to keep our eyes open.”

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