New Mother Hands Over All Her Puppies to Foster Mother

Stevoni Wells Doyle has raised over 100 dogs in her lifetime and has been a foster parent to dogs for more than 10 years. All dogs are different of course , but Doyle was really surprised by how two-year old pit bull Graycee reacted after giving birth to a litter of 11 puppies.
One by one, Graycee brought each of her puppies and placed them in Doyle’s lap. Confused, Doyle cuddled each puppy as they were brought to her. Once she was done, she gave Graycee lots of pets and cuddles.
Doyle believes that Graycee, being a new mom, was looking for some kind of reassurance. With some loving from Doyle, Graycee seems ready to face the challenges of motherhood.

Check out their adorable interaction below!

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