Man Comes Back To Cops Waiting For Him, Then Finds His Cat Stuck On The Garage Door

As a pet owner, you can’t even imagine what possible trouble your pet could be getting into while you’re out of the house. It could be a food spill or a broken vase, but never would a pet owner think they would come home to this.
When this homeowner came back to his house after a day out, he found cops waiting outside of his house. They informed him that his cat was stuck wedged between the garage door and the wall of his house. The cat was stuck in such a way that only half of her body was visible.

Deputy Scott, an officer, was the one who cut a hole in the door to remove the cat, named Bella, out safely.


It appeared that Bella fell asleep on top of the garage door and when the owner closed it, she got stuck.

Thankfully, she miraculously had no injuries despite that scary situation.

I guess it’s really true that cats have nine lives.

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