Man Sits With Blind Boy, Understands How Critical It Was 18 Years Later

Back in 1999, a 25-cent coffee changed Jim Bradford’s world.
After placing his order, he noticed a young boy that was unlike anyone he’d ever seen.
9-year old HK Derryberry had crutches, ragged clothing and was sitting with her arm bent strangely.
Jim noticed beyond his physical disabilities, HK was blind. So Jim approached him to talk.

HK was waiting for his grandmother who was working at the cash register in the coffee shop. Jim asked about his family, and it broke his heart to hear the response.


HK had never known his parents. His mother died in a car crash while she was pregnant, leading to his being delivered early. He suffered an aneurysm that left him blind and with palsy. His father couldn’t handle the stress and left when HK was 5.

Now, 18 years later, Jim and HK have bonded like father and son. Through this, Jim discovered HK has hyperthymesia. He has a perfect memory and can remember everything that’s ever happened to him. Only 100 people in the world have this.


So they decided HK would share the story of his life. The now 73 and 26-year olds are writing books together, all because of a single coffee.


Watch the video to learn about HK’s special skill.

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