Military Dad Gives His Son With Down Syndrome And His Daughter A Tear-Jerking Surprise

When it comes to military service members coming home and being reunited with their families, there’s no way you can watch that without tissues nearby.
It becomes even more sentimental when that family member they’re greeting it is a son/daughter.
In this case, John Grieten was on a mission to reunite with his son and daughter.
After being deployed in Southwest Asia for the past six months, Technical Sergeant Grieten landed home and was ready to meet his 15-year-old son Joshua who had down syndrome. He visited Joshua at his school and with a surprise greeting to his son, he asked him, “Can I sit here?” right next to the loving boy.
But Grieten didn’t end there. He still had his loving daughter to visit as well. So when he went to her school, he decided to crawl up to her during lunch time.

The three reunited together at long last.

Check out the beautiful family reunion below:

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