Mother Decides To Try And Heal Baby With Brain Damage In The Most Motherly Way

Trisha Bell, a mother of two, was faced with a very difficult decision when giving birth to her newborn son Ezrah.
When Ezrah was born, he was diagnosed with severe brain damage. He was born with no heartbeat, no oxygen to the brain and no pulse. Only after 11 long minutes was he revived and brought to the world. While most people told Trisha that her newborn would have no quality of life and to “pull the plug”, she pulled through for her son and raised him providing him the one thing she thought he needed the most to heal and recover – her own motherly milk.
14 months later, Trisha feels her milk played a huge part in Ezrah’s recovery from the damage.

Nothing beats the power of motherly love! Keep up the good work Trisha!

A photo posted by Trisha Bell (@trisha.bell) on

A photo posted by Trisha Bell (@trisha.bell) on

A photo posted by Trisha Bell (@trisha.bell) on

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You can read more about Ezrah’s story on his mother Trisha’s blog here.

My baby was born dead. No heartbeat. No oxygen to the brain. No pulse. He was revived after 11 long minutes. He was…

Posted by Trisha Long Bell on Friday, December 16, 2016

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