Owl Ambushes Man – But it’s Super Cute!

Birds of prey are exceedingly dangerous and it’s not recommended that you try to hug them –

– unless, of course, you’ve just saved their life.

That was the case for the owl Gigi. The owl had been rescued by Doug Pojeky after being found in severe condition. Rescuers thought the owl might have been hit by a car. While visiting the owl after a brief vacation, Pojeky was met with an unexpected emotional outburst from Gigi.

Gigi hugged him.

Owl hug

via Imgur

Pojeky has been said by coworkers to have an incredible bond with the birds he rescue. For some reason, they seem to trust him exceedingly. That kind of bond is difficult to form with a human let alone an animal. Check out more adorable footage of Gigi and Pojeky below!

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