Post-It Note War Proves That Humans Will Go To War Over Anything

We humans are a strange bunch indeed. We are capable of such love and devotion, and yet we are almost as likely to start a war over something quite silly. Even one of the most famous wars in history was because some guy named Paris stole a woman and the end result was a destroyed city. We’re weird like that.

With that in mind, it should then come as no surprise to you that a simple “hi” written in post-it notes in the window of an office building soon escalated into a a full-blown post-it war that should be remembered for years to come. It’s brimming with creative talent and also serves as a reminder of how powerful office boredom can be.

The war begins with a simple “hi” written in post-it notes on the 6th floor of an office building at 75 Varick Street in New York.

Then, an innocent enough “Sup” appears in a window across the street, along with a few other messages.

Apparently, both buildings are home to several media and marketing agencies, and so creative and artistic chops were put to the test in a classic case of one-upmanship.

Even classic video game heroes couldn’t stop the creative carnage.

As the war dragged on, it looked like neither side would win.

But then, Havas International dropped the equivalent of the A-Bomb. Employees stayed late and were fueled by pizza and beer to create an actual mic-drop.


In a somewhat anticlimactic twist, the rival studio was not allowed to respond. Even though the manufacturer of post-it notes were only too happy to sell “ammunition” to both sides, the war was forcefully ended by the building property managers who firmly asked for everything to be taken down by the weekend. Talk about killjoys!

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