Her Sister Woke Up And Couldn’t Walk, So She Asks If She Drank This

Rhonda was over visiting her sister when she told her she couldn’t walk.
The pain in her legs and stomach was insane, and the doctors couldn’t find the problem.
Doctors eventually told her she had multiple sclerosis.
But Rhonda thought something else was wrong, and she asked her sister if she drank diet soda. The answer was yes, lots, and Rhonda told her stop right away.

Why? Aspartame.


Within two days, her sister was walking again.

Aspartame is a very common additive in diet soda, but it’s very dangerous. It leads to headaches, vision loss, high blood pressure and dizziness.

Quit using aspartame

Because it’s so dangerous and can poison people, Pepsi started replacing aspartame with sucralose, because it doesn’t get absorbed into the bloodstream. Aspartame builds up in your body over time, which leads to poisoning.

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